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Gulfcoast Networking concentrates on filling three specific needs: - IT Management Services. We can supervise your network. - Network Monitoring. We can keep tabs on your network 24/7 and take action wihen something happens. - Internet services. Hosted email, web design, and web hosting. - Retail store and full service repair shop in historic downtown New Port Richey. Hours are Mon-Fri from 9am - 5pm. Saturdays by appointment


Protect Your Data when Upgrading Devices

As smartphones and tablets become ever more pricey, many people are starting to buy used/refurbished devices and also to trade in their old devices to save money. It's a growing marketplace that definitely has its advantages, but you must remember to make sure to stay secure when trading smartphones.

Firstly, make sure that you saved all your data before getting rid of your device. Apple users can simply make sure that they have backed up the data to iCloud; Android users can use Google Drive to save their information, or simply connect to a PC via USB and store the information there.

Next, make sure your accounts are deactivated. Not only will this ensure that a new user will not be able to access your accounts, but also that they won't have any trouble opening their own new accounts. This is especially important with iPhones, which can be unusable unless you deregister yourself. Android phones are not so problematic, but failing to deactivate accounts such as Google can cause problems.

Use data encryption to make all the data on your device inaccessible to anyone who doesn't have the dedicated encryption key. This is done automatically on iPhones, but on Android phones it must be done manually in security settings.

The simplest way to make sure that all the data on your old phone is secure is to perform a factory reset. On iPhones, you need to find the "Erase All Content" option in settings; for Android phones select the "Factory Data Reset" option in privacy settings. If you have a large number of phones to deal with, for a company account for example, specialized software can erase data on a large collection of devices simultaneously.

Finally, it seems basic, but don't forget to remove your Sim card and any SD cards prior to selling or trading in your devi

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Gulfcoast Networking's cover photo


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Smart Speakers Accused of Voice Phishing

Smart speakers such as Google Home or Amazon Echo are unquestionably handy in the home, but concerns are being raised that their security could use a little boost.

Such concerns have been around since the speakers were first introduced, and Security Research Labs, based in Berlin, have been investigating claims that the devices can be employed for eavesdropping on users or harvesting personal information.

The researchers have demonstrated that it is indeed possible to use different applications to undertake attacks on users through these devices and they have shown the ways in which hackers can circumvent the security processes put in place by Google and Amazon.

One of the attacks sends fake update alerts to users in order to gain their password. This attack uses the fact that having approved an app, neither Google nor Amazon require further approval even if the nature of the app changes.

Having had an app approved, the researchers changed it so that when users attempted to access it through the speakers, they were told that it was not working. The app would then go silent, making users believe that it was turned off and the device was no longer working. The app then imitates the Google or Alexa user voice, saying that a software update is available and encouraging users to speak out a password to download it.
The same ability to change an approved app without needing further approval is used in an even more insidious manner in another attack.

The fake app stays open when the user thinks it is been shut down, and listens out for trigger words such as "I"; when it hears them it starts sending everything the user says to the attackers, so they can not only hear private conversations but all fresh instructions issued to the device, raising the potential for intervention attacks, e.g. pretending to be the user's bank and accessing financial details by doing so.

The researchers have passed on their findings to both Google and Amazon, with the recommendation that the approval process for apps should be tightened up.

It is also recommended that both companies should check for companies using secret characters in their apps that can trigger eavesdropping, and that any app which mentions the word "password" should be banned, as no app should need to request a password through a speaker.

In the meantime, it is recommended that caution should be applied when using these devices and that under no circumstances should users speak their passwords into them.



In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Gulfcoast Networking office is closed to walk in customers.

We will continue to provide telephone / remote computer support to anyone who needs it. Feel free to call us at 727-847-2424 x 103 for assistance.

We will restrict onsite service calls for our business clients to true emergencies.

Gulfcoast Networking's network operations center, remote monitoring and management systems, web servers, and mail servers remain fully operational during this emergency.

A good article on VPN (Virtual Private Networks for secure connections between an office network and home systems) consi...
With everyone working from home, VPN security is now paramount | ZDNet

A good article on VPN (Virtual Private Networks for secure connections between an office network and home systems) considerations can be found here. We've been working to set up VPN connections with MFA for our clients almost non-stop for the past two weeks. Let us know if you need assistance securing things so your employees can work from home.

DHS, SANS, NJCCIC, and Radware warn companies about securing enterprise VPN servers in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak and when a vast majority of employees are working from home.


Gulfcoast Networking offers solutions if you need to have employees securely work from home. Please contact us at 727-847-2424 x 103 for more information.


We offer VPN and security services for our clients who need to have someone working from home. Give us a call at 727-847-2424 for more information.

Ask for Rob. (extension 103)


Concerned about how you are going to run your business during the COVID-19 outbreak? We can assist you in configuring a VPN connection so you and your employees can work from home.

Call us at 727-847-2424 for more information.


The good news is that we are open. The even better news is that we can do most diagnostic and computer cleanup tasks online. You don't have to bring your computer in and we don't need to make service calls to your home or business.

If your computer is running slow, has lots of popups, or other issues, feel free to give us a call at 727-847-2424 for assistance.


Stop Your Computer Work From Damaging Your Shoulders

Working all day at a computer station, or even just using your computer at home, can be a quick route to causing serious neck and shoulder pain.

Thankfully there are things you can do to mitigate this effect. These include improving your posture, reshaping your office or home workspace, and taking action to reduce stress on your body. Using ergonomic systems and design you can eliminate much of the cause of shoulder and neck pain.

Proper Posture
Having awareness of your posture when sitting is crucial. Make sure that when you are sitting, your feet are comfortably firm and flat on the floor or footrest, with your thighs parallel with the ground. You should have good support for your lower back and your elbows, which should be close in to your body, with relaxed shoulders and hands and wrists kept in line with your forearms. It's easy to start the day with this posture, but equally easy to let it slide as the day wears on. Experts suggest that tai chi or yoga could help you learn to maintain your posture.

If your desk is too high above your elbows, it will tire your shoulders. If it can't be adjusted, think about attaching a special tray for your keyboard and mouse to lower their level. Computer monitors should be roughly an arm's length from the user, with the top edge of the screen a little below eye level. Both monitor and keyboard should be in line with the center of your body to stop the stress on nerves and muscles caused by having to keep twisting to look at them. Keep everything you need to use frequently close by, so you don't have to keep stretching out and twisting to access them.

Proper Phone Usage
If you have to use the phone a lot, think about getting a headset, or at least don't fall into the habit of resting the phone between your ear and shoulder, twisting your neck. Keep the phone next to your weaker hand, so you can use your dominant hand to undertake tasks while talking, lowering the temptation to cradle the phone.

Mouse Usage
Think about moving your mouse across your desk; this can stop your usual mouse hand being subjected to repetitive strain.

Frequent Breaks
Try and plan your day so you are never doing the same thing for too long; breaking up your routines means that different muscle groups will get a workout and as such the risk of strain is reduced.
Regular breaks can also help; some experts suggest a 30-second break every 30 minutes as a minimum, during which you should shake out your arms and hands and spend a little time focusing somewhere else other than your workstation to reset your vision and neck muscles. Go for a short walk every couple of hours, even if it's only to the bathroom, and think about taking a longer walk around a local park or other attraction during your lunch break.

Questions about computers or your network. Call us at 727-847-2424 or or message us here.


Playing the Right Keys

Most people stick with the keyboard that comes with the computer, but sooner or later it's going to need replacing, and there is a dizzying variety of options available. Below are a few of the things you should consider when replacing this peripheral.

Mechanical keyboards
Mechanical keyboards work with switches underneath each key, which gives every keystroke a positive "click". Many people find that the positive feedback they get from a mechanical keyboard greatly improves their typing speed and overall experience. Mechanical keyboards are amongst the most expensive options and can be quite noisy in use, but budget options are becoming more available, and some manufacturers are offering silent switches too.

Membrane Keyboards
Membrane keyboards react to pressure on buttons working on a membrane beneath the keys. This makes them very cheap compared to mechanical keyboards, but the trade-off is that you don't get the same positive feedback as you would from a mechanical device. A big advantage of membrane keyboards is that in many instances the membrane protects the inside of the keyboard, making it far more capable of dealing with spilled drinks, etc., which can ruin a mechanical keyboard easily. These keyboards are a good option for people trying to save money or who don't do a huge amount of typing.

Wired or wireless?
Wireless keyboards have many advantages over wired ones. They declutter your working environment, prevent accidents with cables knocking over drinks, etc., and they mean you can type from any position, or easily move your keyboard around between machines. However, wired keyboards have their advantages as well: they don't need batteries and there is no time lag between hitting the key and the computer reacting. Most people won't notice this in ordinary typing, but if you're a keen game player, it's something to consider. Wired keyboards are always cheaper than the same wireless model.

Ergonomic keyboards
All sorts of weird and wonderfully-shaped keyboards are available, with unconventional layouts claiming to help reduce strain on wrists and offer you a more natural typing position. Worth considering if you have problems with RSI, arthritis or similar.

Keyboard size
Three sizes of keyboards are generally available: 100%, with a number pad to the right of the keyboard; 80%, which doesn't have the number pad; and 60%, which leaves off the function keys and arrow keys. 80% keyboards are the best options for most people, being a good balance of size and functionality; if you do a lot of work with numbers, you'll want a 100% keyboard with a number pad, and if space on your desktop is at a premium, you might consider a compact keyboard.

Personally, I like the ergonomic keyboards. I've got a wired one at home and a wireless one at the office.

I'll be happy to talk to you about the differences between keyboards.

Rob Marlowe, Senior Geek.


Being a Good Host, but Keeping your Privacy

Everybody needs Internet access these days, so you'll frequently find yourself being asked if other people can use your Wi-Fi network. Whether it's your friends, tradespeople, lodgers, Air B&B guests, you'll get lots of requests and of course you want to help. The standard way of letting people in your network is to give them your router passcode, but setting up a guest access point could be much more secure.

A guest access point is an entirely standalone network with its own name that has no access to anything else on your network, so guests can't get to your printer, shared files or anything else. If you have limited bandwidth, you can also use this network to restrict the amount a guest can use, and you can even set parameters for what they can view.

Another advantage of a guest access point is that you don't need to set a complex password for it as it has no access to your private information; in fact, if you don't want to you don't have to set a password at all, although this does mean that people outside your premises can also access it. However, guests will appreciate not having to input complex passwords to access the network.

Setting up a guest access point is usually simple; most modern routers have the capability of creating guest access points – if not you'll have to add an extra wireless access point or router to your network. This could be a good time to upgrade your router anyway. For virtually every router instructions exist online to help you set up a guest access point, but actually it's such a simple process most people will be able to figure it out for themselves.


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Gulfcoast Networking concentrates on filling three specific needs: - IT Management Services. We can supervise your network. We assist our clients in making it possible for their employees to safely work from home. - Network Monitoring. We can keep tabs on your network 24/7 and take action when something happens. - Internet services. Hosted email, web design, and web hosting. Hours are Mon-Fri from 9am - 5pm. Saturdays by appointment

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With reference to our conversation yesterday re people realizing that the Internet would be out in a hurricane, I was @ my chiropractor's yesterday & his wife made the comment that she had had complaints from people ON MONDAY that they had not received their shipment/order....God save us from the eternally CLUELESS!!
Apparently Spectrum has us turned off again. Did they notify you of a time frame? Thanks
Has Spectrum deserted you again?? Email has disappeared again.......
Once email is back up, should I assume that all emails that were sent will load? Do you anticipate an issue with this locking things up? Should I assume that the "undeliverable" message that senders received will NOT be ammended, i.e., they will not receive anything indicating that the email has just been delivered. Thanks!
I receive 6 emails from 9/10/17 yesterday & "assume" your Spectrum went away since nothing else came through?
Please update as to when email will be up.
Hope you & your family are safe & dry. Any idea when email might come back up?
Hope you & your family are safe & dry.....any idea when email willcome back up?