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NetQwik is a web design / development and internet marketing company in Loudoun County, Virginia. We provide web design, ecommerce, mobile web development, WordPress, and CMS solutions as well as branding and graphic design solutions for small to medium sized business. We also provide domain names and hosting solutions.

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Jackie is selling this house at a great price. Love this kitchen! Check out her website for all her listings -

Home Remodel Contractors – Home Remodel Contractors

FREE ADVERTISING FOR HOME CONTRACTORS AND REALTORS - visit - add your business for free for a limited time. Don't forget to create a backlink - you will be added to the featured listings when you add a backlink.

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Check out the beautiful Town of Gate City this summer. They have free music concerts. Gate City, Virginia is located in the mountains of southwest Virginia and home of might blue devils.


Happy Snow Day


Happy Snow Day


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Page Plugin

Facebook Deprecated Plug-ins!

Starting on April 30th 2015, Facebook is migrating all apps to v2.0 of the Graph API with the goal of giving people more control over the information they share with apps.

The Like Box is variant of the embeddable Like Button that allows you to Like a page from other sites. The embed also show off some of the other people who liked a given Page.

With the release of Graph API v2.3, the Like Box plugin is being deprecated and will stop working on June 23rd, 2015. Use the new Page Plugin instead. The page plugin allows you to embed a simple feed of content from a page into your website.

Here is the link to the page plugin -

The Page Plugin lets you easily embed and promote any page on your website. Just like on Facebook, your visitors can like and share the Page without having to leave your site.



From April 21st Google has started counting mobile-friendliness in its all-important algorithms — responsive sites, rather than dedicated mobile platforms are preferred.

According to Google, “Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results,” the company announced “Consequently, users will find it easier to get relevant, high-quality search results that are optimized for their devices.”

What that means is Mobile-unfriendly sites might be in trouble unless they are redesigned.


We are proud to launch a website for Kickin' back Concert Series at Gate City. Gate City is a fun place to live - they have a series of FREE CONCERTS starting June - checkout the concert series -


Rankings in mobile search results will change April 21st

According to google starting April 21, use of mobile-friendliness will be a ranking signal. This will affect mobile searches worldwide and have significant impact in their search results.
Search Engine Optimization

Need FREE SEO Tools?

We have updated the SEO Tools on our website. These tools are absolutely FREE to use. They can be used to check, compare, predict backlinks, check competition, estimate, compare backlinks, generate keywords, meta tags, sitemaps, robot.txt file, speed test your site and more. Hope they will help you optimize your website. Here is the link -

Welcome to our FREE Search Engine Optimization Tools. Hope they can help you optimize your website!
Will Google Penalize Sites that Are not Mobile Friendly?

Will Google Penalize Sites that Are not Mobile Friendly? Find out more...

Google gives priority to useability. Google has started sending out emails to webmasters when they find mobility issues. Their email indicates that Google systems have tested the pages from the site and have found critical mobile usability errors. They also indicate in their email that these pages w…


Are you looking to remodel your home? Check out the new website we launched for Their work is absolutely beautiful! Here are some pictures of their work.


Just launched a new website for Door Doctor - Garage Door Specialist. If you are looking for a Garage Door, check out their website or just browse their Garage Door Gallery for ideas -


Seems like Google is everywhere. So how many searches are you doing on Bing? And how may are you doing on Yahoo? Seems like 90% of users are using Google for search!

First it was the search engines and now it’s auto makers! Google is taking over everything :)

I am teaching my son how to drive a car and we started chatting about Google’s driveless cars. I was telling him that once he has kids, they won’t need to learn how to drive anymore. Hey, how is this going to work? We do have unmanned fighter jets and automated pilot control for airplanes but how are the automated cars going to work? I guess no more aggressive drivers in the future :) or are the Robots going to become aggressive? Here are some pictures I got over from the internet -
Website Design Ashburn, Virginia – Loudoun Web Designers

Google Rankings! As a website owner, I bet you care about your Google ranking. Google just announced it will boost the ranking of sites that use secure and encrypted connections. This is part of Google’s efforts to push “HTTPS everywhere” on the web.

Website designers in Loudoun County, Ashburn, Virginia provides web design, ecommerce, mobile web development, computer networks and graphic design
Free SEO Tools - Web Design Fairfax

FREE SEO Tools - If you are interested in SEO, then you might want to check out the free SEO tools we have installed here -

We offer a wide array of free SEO tools. Please explore our SEO tools to optimize your website.
One Cent Challenge | One Cent Challenge

Just launched a website for Virginia the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association. They will ride over 1,000 miles in 24 hours on June 17, 2014 to raise awareness of PTSD and TBI Please visit their website at

We are the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association a 501(c)(19) national veterans organization with over 11k members and 153 chapters located in 49 states.
Patrick Miller Jr. Photography | Photography Services

If you are looking for buy high resolution prints or are looking for a Photographer in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, then check out - Patrick Miller Photography, Jr. Here is his website -

Always the perfectionist, Patrick Miller Jr. offers state of the art equipment that maximizes versatility and accommodates virtually any photographic need you may have.


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