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Lightning-Bolt Ltd Affordable Services Placing good service and products over inflated profit At lightning-bolt we can offer a wide range of projects and support to groups, artists and companies No mater what your needs are, we can offer you something to help.

We can host audio events such as clubs and parties. We can also stream live events over the internet and even record and restream your event at a later date. Check out the rest of the pages and our site and feel free to contact us with questions and requirements and we will be happy to get back to you.

Operating as usual


I’m done my share of remote working over the years, including some from a tent at the top of Glen Nevis in Scotland so here are a few tips.

Set up your working space away from normal home distractions. Avoid the TV and your normal computer.

If you must use your own computer set up a new username on it for work only. Remove games and other “fun” things from the desktop.

When working avoid using rooms in the house like living areas or bedrooms as they can give you a feeling of being at home and not work.

If you require the internet always have a backup. Utilities are under pressure and may fail. Mobile tethering is a good backup for internet use.

If you use a laptop keep it charged. If the power fails, you can still tether to your mobile and keep working until the battery fails.

Keep all work information secure. If you have ever worked on your pc remember to securely wipe it when selling or throwing it out. Your work data may be recoverable.

Don’t be afraid to ask your IT team for help. They would rather you be safe and secure than not ask. Remember they are paid because they know things we do not.

Charnwood Borough Council

Charnwood Borough Council

Here's a quick video of how the historic Loughborough Fair arrived in the town centre for the 798th year. Big thank you to the folks at Lightning Bolt for putting this video together for us.

Bat Released

Our little bat friend that we found last week was release after being looked after by the Bat Conservation Trust. Not every halloween you get to see a bat released


New Office Pet For The Day

Lightning-Bolt Ltd

Lightning-Bolt Ltd

Lightning-Bolt Ltd's cover photo

Lightning-Bolt Ltd's cover photo


Proving your AV subscription is worth a hell of a lot less than your backup solution.

I f**king love science
I f**king love science

I f**king love science

If your password is on this list, then you need to change it.


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The Dirty Old Folkers


Uptime Report Jan 2013

Webserver (Main Server): 99.769%
Server Uptime (Main Server) : 99.844%%

VPN (woodgate): 99.107%
VPN: (Greenclose) : 99.744%


Time for a reinstall of linux of Earth out very own local server. This will take afew things offline. Iwfchecker and internet graphs for the VM cmts. We will be back online ASAP


New backup Mail exchanger is now online.


Due to problems with we have decided to take the server offline.

The impact of this is we have no backup mail server. We will be sourcing a new VPS to run the backup mail exchanges this week (aiming for the next 2 days).

This will not effect the email system unless the main server goes offline for more then 24 hours.

Our old vps was hosted with and last month had just 65.365% uptime.


Uptime Report Dec 2012

Webserver (Main Server): 99.866%
Server Uptime (Main Server) : 99.866%

VPN (woodgate): 99.956%
VPN: (Greenclose) : 99.967%

USA3 Server: 99.960%
PBX: 98.119%
London2: 100.00%
France: 65.365%


Uptime Report Nov 2012...
Webserver (Main Server): 99.889%
Server Uptime (Main Server) : 100%

VPN (woodgate): 99.457%
VPN: (Greenclose) : 99.769%

USA3 Server: 99.966%
PBX: 99.911%
London2: 99.990%
France: 98.947%


Merry Christmas



Ladies, do you shy away from the lens? A recent study carried out by Photobox shows that lots of women feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, and we want that to change. We're launching Work It Girl, a series of posts, hints and tips that we hope will help to make the ladies of Photobox feel happier when having their photo taken -


The Schofield Centre, Greenclose Lane


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