Finding Strategies

Finding Strategies Finding Strategies is making change easier. So mostly we focus on the big organizational changes, but we’ll let you in on secret. The change starts with you.

Not the organization. Not the other guy. Not some hired gun. It’s you. Y – O – U. Change really is an inside job. And we are here to help. We’re finding tools, training, and – yes—strategies so you can make it through all those changes life throws at you. And you know who you are. You’re the one who thinks about how good things could be, “if only?” You want to (have to) make a difference. You want to matter. Or maybe just for your BIG idea to matter. Or you are the lucky schmuck who was recruited for the “special” project as the Change Agent. You know the special project that no one else would touch. Or you got the special project because you’re too new to know any better. But, at least it landed you in a dotted box next to the big wig on the org chart. It doesn’t matter how you got to be the Change Agent. It matters that you want to succeed. But now FUD is hovering: Fear; Uncertainty; and Doubt. You know FUD. He comes a calling when you’re feeling alone in a meeting, have no authority to direct, and no money to make it happen. And then he starts yapping, “What was I thinking? When can I retire? How do I get out of this? Is it Friday?” Then he pulls the ripcord, jumping from airplane and screams, “We’re gonna die!” Your heart sinks for a minute because you believe him. Then you slap him out of your brain just in time for him to land safely on some beach where he can torment some unlucky guy in an ugly Hawaiian shirt two sizes too small. And you want to know why? Because you’re not a quitter. You’re wired to win. Besides if it were easy, it’d be done? Right? Isn’t that what they always say? So now you’re committed to being the best Change Agent – ever. And this is where our story begins.

Mission: Make change easier.


46040 Center Oak Plz, # 180
Sterling, VA


(703) 430-1971


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