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Going Out Of Business
I will be shutting down Caveman Concepts.
1) I will update all websites and notify you when all updates are complete.
2) If your domain registration is in the Caveman Concepts GoDaddy account, I will send instructions on how to transfer it to your own account
3) I recommend using Go Daddy hosting, so you'll want to set up and account. I will provide the files you will need to send to Godaddy to get your site up and running on their server.
Thank you


This new server is whole new system for me. Getting it figured out a piece at a time. With some luck, it will all fall into place later today (fingers crosses).


Moving to a bigger, better server for hosting! It's a lot of work, but it's worth it. The main thing you'll find is that your mail should have an easier time getting to it's destination if you're using the email that comes with your hosting, like,
you @ yourwebsite. com, as opposed to a 3rd party like Gmail or Yahoo.
If you're using a 3rd party, you should notice no difference.


Just now finishing up the move to a new bigger, better, more secure server! All the websites we manage are now more secure and faster!


I recently contacted a company about their services because their website didn't have much info at all.
Their reply to my email was nothing but some vague questions that would start an endless string of back and forth emails before I could figure out the only 2 things I needed to know; LOCATION and PRICE of services.
I don't want a damn conversation, I don't want a relationship with you, I just want to know if you're within my area and price range before I go any further!
SO think about this when you're putting info on your website.
RULE #1: MAKE IT AS EASY AS POSSIBLE FOR PEOPLE TO GIVE YOU MONEY!!!! If they have to call you, or email and ask a million questions, then you just became a pain in the ass.
#2) Post a phone number predominantly on the header of your site. People will rarely call if you give them a better option, but it makes you look 'legit'
#3) Use a 'Contact Us' form and make it EASY to find with a 'Contact' link in the header. You can even gather important info from customers with this form so you can give them more accurate pricing and info. Never display your email address unless you just LOVE spam.
#4) think of all the most common questions your customers ask you and post that info on your site. Your customers are looking for that exact info and if they have to call or email to ask about it, you just became too much trouble, especially if your competitor's website has that info plainly visible.
#5) PHOTOS, PHOTOS, PHOTOS. Every page should have a photo or two, smiling happy people in the photos are solid gold.
#6) Your website must be mobile friendly. It must work well on computers, tablets and phones. This is called a 'responsive design'. It loads a different layout based on the device it's being viewed on., It still gives all the same content, just arranged a little differently for the size of the screen. If you don't have this, Google will not like you.

If you don't know how to get this done, yourself, contact me, I can make all that happen on your website.


Moving a site from WordPress to Drupal today. It will be better, stronger, faster, smarter and easier to use, too!


Time to make your website mobile friendly so Google will still like you!


working with images of muscle cars this morning, not a bad gig!


loads of new things happening here today! Making a new website, updating old sites, even some new products coming your way!


designing for a tarot card reader today! this should be fun.


working on several print jobs today. I really like designing stuff from scratch for people, but I also like it when people send me complete designs to be printed, that's almost no work for me!


luckily, I save EVERYTHING! I have a couple of customers ordering business cards from 10 years ago, it's just weird that I would have two in one day


make sure your website is mobile-friendly! More and more people are doing their research and shopping on tablets and phones! Be ready!


I used to work from home all the time and I was quite good at it, but it did NOT go well today! Kid home with a sprained ankle, horse got out and visited the neighbors, came home with a minor injury, our old dog got into something that made him incontinent. one thing after another on the farm today!


Please share mah page!!!! I want to make more websites!!!


renewing the Occupational License (now called Business Tax Receipt) and renewing the State Tax ID, it's a LOT easier now that you can do it all online! Hope it works, so I don't have to drive all over creation to get it done!


Setting up a Caveman Cloud Server! gettin' sophisticated up in here!

New Halloween theme for
Benham's Bounceables of Virginia | Benham's Bounceables

New Halloween theme for

Small Image: Benhams' Bounceables is dedicated to making your next birthday, picnic, carnival, event etc. a hoppin good time. Please take a few minutes to browse our site and let Benham's Bounceables be a part of your next event. Feel free to call or email us to schedule your next party! Convenientl...


I'm building lots of new websites, today! But I want to build yours, too!


Serious web designing today, I even got my reading glasses on!


Clients keeping me hopping today! Business cards, banner, signs, websites! Cool stuff! Got the creativity flowing. Satellite Internet doesn't like the weather so we're coming at you live


My son has a school play coming up next week and we're selling ads in the program, ONLY $15 for a FULL PAGE AD! Contact me to get yours in there!


Whew! Almost got caught in a nasty scam. Luckily; I research EVERYTHING. Good convincing scam, too. Looks like it's just not safe to do any business with anything related to Africa.


Lots of cool projects on the table right now! It's very exciting, and it's a real challenge to get it all done. But the creativity is flowing! Starting a logo design for a new client right now!


Working on GIGANTIC files for a couple of very large signs. My computer is starting to smoke a little.

Versatile Distribution Services

New website in delopment, I'm Loving this design!

VDS is a Channel Partner, Solutions Provider and Distributor specializing in the Media and Entertainment industry by providing turnkey solutions from best of breed manufactures.


Wow! So many exciting projects on the table right now! We're making money, being creative, having fun!


We're on a roll here! Keep it coming! 2 New websites, and several business card orders! I may have electricity all month!


Friends: Facebook is rolling out a welcome new feature. Go to my page and click on the "LIKED" button and select "Get Notifications." This way, if I post something and it did NOT show up in your newsfeed (note that MOST do NOT), you will receive a notification nonetheless.

I'd love to stay in touch, so give it the ol' click. Many thanks.


OK, now there's work coming in. But it drives me CRAZY that I will go a 2 weeks with almost nuthin', then I get a truck load all in one day!


Working on SEO to get our websites ranking better. Our main printing website is ranking in the top 10 in several key phrases, but where the hell are the sales? Stupid economy!


working on websites! Let us know if yours needs anything today!


When stuff breaks, we can fix it! Moving files and databases around to get some client websites in a better situation!


Kid is back in school, acquired a new (old) truck, so transpo is taken care of, got a new computer with WAY more power (Took forever to set that up). Now attacking the backlog of projects! Great things to come!


Don't post spam here, I will report you!


Osteen, FL


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