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J&B Computer Services Mobile services. Computer repair and Laptop repair services. Across Leicester and Leicestershire Hydrogen Engine carbon cleaning DPF?EGR Valve.

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J&B Computer Services's cover photo

J&B Computer Services's cover photo

J&B Computer Services

J&B Computer Services


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Business overview

Internet & Wi-Fi Connections

We can install your router and network card, set up and configure your wireless broadband connection or help with any Internet or e-mail problems you may be having. We can also optimize your Internet settings in order to speed up your connection and boost your downloads.

PC Crashing or Freezing

Is your computer crashing or freezing in the middle of your office application or favourite game? Possibly a hardware conflict is causing the problem, software has become corrupt or perhaps the drivers for the graphics card just need updating - whatever the problem, we are experienced local engineer ready to assist you.

Software Errors

Are you having problems installing certain software, or perhaps you have installed software, which has had unexpected side effects or caused conflicts with existing software? We can help with all general software problems and with any issues relating to Windows updates, etc.

You're vehicle may also have a full dealer level diagnostics, if needed at no extra cost. The software and hydrogen machine is the latest state of the art, I can also do diagnostics if this is what you require. This machine will clean any internal combustion engine. Cars, Vans, buses, Trucks. Motor bikes. Canal boats many many more. We offer a mobile service. No need to take it to a garage.

What is Carbon Engine Cleaning ? In just 30-90 minutes, your engine could run like new. The Carbon Cleaning machines have a remarkable cleaning capacity. With this advanced technology, developed over several years, hydrogen is passed through the air intake pipes, burning off up to 95% of the carbon deposits that prevent your engine from running smoothly.

How does it work?

Although it is abundant in the universe, hydrogen is a gas usually found combined with other atoms, most commonly as an element in water, oil, and natural gas. Hydrogen is considered as an energy vector, used mainly in chemicals, refining, or industry. But in these days of environmental concern, hydrogen is seen as a having a lot of potential to play a major role in the future energy landscape. Hydrogen has a very high energy density, i.e., it harbours a lot of energy in a small mass and reaches temperatures of over 2000 degrees when directly burnt. The benefits of hydrogen in the combustion process Hydrogen is characterized by a high reactivity and a combustion rate as much as five times greater than that of fuel. Moreover, hydrogen has a wider flammability range than other types of fuel. Due to these characteristics, the addition of even a small amount of hydrogen in the fuel-air mixture increases the combustion rate thus making the combustion more stable by reducing the duration of combustion and reducing cycle-to-cycle variations. Many quantitative and experimental studies done on the impact of adding hydrogen in internal combustion engines (based on gas or diesel) have come to the common conclusion that the use directly: – reduces the duration of the combustion process – increases thermal efficiency – burns off, disintegrates, and removes carbon deposits As a preventative measure we would advise a clean of a motor vehicle every 9,000 km or once a year. Carbon Cleaning ?

Helps prevents running issues on engine problems. Preventive engine cleaning enables you to restore engine parts rather than replacing them, thereby saving vehicle owners on costly parts. These problems result mainly from poor combustion, which stifles the engine. So before replacing your engine parts, try Carbon Cleaning. A dirty engine as the result of carbon deposits is a huge threat to vehicle performance.

This machine can clean the entire intake and exhaust system including the air intake tract, valves, valve seats, swirl flaps, EGR filters, catalytic converters, DPF's and manifolds. The chemical reaction of hydrogen on carbon is to break it down and fracture the surface and then as the vehicle is driven, those fractures parts are forced through the exhaust system in the form of fine dust.

Immediately After a Carbon Clean the customer will notice that the engine responds better when the accelerator is pressed and the overall torque and power will be restored. Power delivery will be smoother making for a much safer driving experience, which in turn, also makes it easier and safer to overtake. During normal driving they will notice that their MPG is better which not only decreases the cost of fuel, but it also minimizes engine carbon foot print. Throttle response will be improved and the rev range will be enhanced. Overall the benefits significantly compensate the cost with MPG increases often recuperating the cost within a matter of months. On average, our service customers will save £200 a year on fuel (Could even be higher) with just one Carbon Clean.

Trade prices and multiple engine deals available on request.

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